10 Things Ukraine Needs Right Now

Scott Goodstein
6 min readFeb 27, 2022

Call your elected officials and tell them there is more we all need to do!

Ukraine needs our help. Please call your Member of Congress at (202) 224–3121 and demand real actions to support Ukraine.

Why? If we do not support Ukraine now, Russia will continue its destructive invasion and goal of rebuilding the Soviet Union. If we don’t put a swift stop to empire building by Putin now, we will have signaled to the world that there are no consequences and other dictators will soon follow.

Please remind political leaders that Ukraine gave up its nuclear defense capabilities for guaranteed protections against invasions. And now, Russia has entered their sovereign nation, unprovoked and from all directions. Tell your elected officials Ukraine needs the following:

1.Stricter Sanctions Against Russia

Ukraine needs more sanctions against Russia than just cutting Russia off from the Swift banking system. Its time to impose severe sanctions against the Russian state, the Russian oligarchs, and all of Putin’s friends (including revoking visas and issue new visas). Lets block Russian airlines, cargo ships, and businesses. Lets put an embargo on Russian gas!

2. Establish a No-Flight Zone

The US needs to push on this and NATO needs to make good on their promises to defend democracies. What happened to an attack on one is an attack on all? Russian aviation will cause irreparable harm to Ukraine. Bold action now can change this situation. Let’s #CloseTheSky over Ukraine and declare a no-fly zone.

3. Remove Russia from the United Nations Security Council

Convene an emergency session of the UN General Assembly and immediately kick Russia off the UN Security Council. initiate the establishment of a collective peace-keeping force based on UN GA Resolution 377 (V) “Uniting for peace” dated November 3, 1950, on Korea (1950), allowing GA to issue such recommendations upon request of any 7 UN Security Council members or the majority of the General Assembly members.

4. Close the Straits

Close the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Straits to the Russian fleet, as foreseen by the Montreux Convention. Reed more info on the Montreux Convention here.

5. Ukraine Needs Air Support

Strengthen Ukraine’s air capability to shut down Russia’s jet and ballistic missiles or even aviation. US and NATO countries need to step up air support.

6. Provide Modern Weapons

Provide weapons that match Russia’s sophistication. Ukraine needs the right tools to fend off the Russian invasion. Lets help their courageous volunteers and military forces willing to resist Russian aggression and occupation. Homemade weapons are no match to Russia’s advanced military systems.

7. Send Protective Gear

Send protective gear and medical supplies, ASAP. Ukraine civilians need helmets, bulletproof vests, medical supplies, and more.

8. Fight Against Russia’s Propaganda War


Putin is a master at spreading fake news and creating chaos. We can not let him change the narrative of why he attacked Ukraine and need to undertake efforts to systematically stop this disinformation campaign. Lets be honest, Russia did not go into Ukraine to rid the country of Nazis. It is a country that has fair and free elections and its current president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is Jewish, and lost his relatives to the Holocaust.

9. Help Ukraine’s Economy

Besarabsky Market Kyiv

Provide financial support to the Ukrainian economy. It is important that Ukraine’s economy continues as its entire population has been forced into Marshall Law and scattered into bomb shelters. It is an enormous country and this aggression will hit hard-working citizens hard.

10.Assist Ukraine’s Fight Cyber Attacks

Assist Ukraine’s cybersecurity support against Russian attacks. We all know Russia loves a good cyber attacks!


Three Ways You Can Take Immediate Action

Contribute to These Groups In Ukraine Fighting for Their Freedom

  1. UkrainePride. Having the experience of participation and direct organization of the Revolution of Dignity, they are at the stage of mobilization and coordination of the community in joining military operations, resistance movement, local self-defense, volunteering, and other activities until we win. They are united with the Ukrainian LGBTQ military Військові ЛГБТ та наші союзники Ukrainian LGBT Soldiers and our Allies, people who have sworn allegiance to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and with whom we went through the Revolution of Dignity side by side.

Contribute to UkrainePride:


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2. Ukraine’s Military Emergency Fund. The National Bank of Ukraine has opened a special account to raise funds for the Ukrainian Army. Anyone from any country can donate. The account is multi-currency. It is opened for transfers of funds from international partners and donors, any person as well as from Ukrainian businesses and citizens.

Website https://bank.gov.ua/.../natsionalniy-bank-vidkriv...

Donate to Ukraine Military Emergency Fund:

For donations in USD:




Account: 400807238

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Bank account: UA843000010000000047330992708

For donations in GBP:


Bank of England, London


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Отримувач: Національний банк України

3. Support Independent Journalism in Ukraine, Project 7,62. They are an independent, volunteer-run initiative that isn’t sponsored by any governments or funds. The team is made up of volunteers from Ukraine and other countries, who use their personal time and resources to collect and analyze accurate information for you about Russian troops on the Ukrainian border.

Website: https://762project.org/en/support-the-project/

Donate to the 7,62 Project

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Slava Ukraini!